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Kenco Engineering have been producing high quality process equipment products since 1958. Kenco manufacture a range of Precision Gauging, Injection and Measuring equipment covering:

Pump and Package Ltd have been representing Kenco Engineering since 2003 and Kenco's range of high quality process equipment ensures it is a popular and trusted solution.

Pump and Package have a significant stock-holding of Kenco equipment which means that we can offer next day delivery on many items and even same day delivery to customers with critical plant.

A summary of Kenco equipment offered includes:

Injection Quills:

KENCO Engineerings range of chemical injectors have been designed to inject and properly atomize corrosive chemicals into the turbulent stream of a process system pipeline. The KENCO chemical injector will minimize the possibility of corrosive chemical build-up on the walls of the pipeline.

The KENCO chemical injectors are recommended for use in pipelines with a flow-rate velocity of 40 feet per second (12.192 meters per second), or less.

Injection Quills: Features

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Mechanical Level Measurement:

KENCO Mechanical Level Gauges are an ideal choice in tank level measurement for quality, durability and reliability. When visual level indication is required, KENCO has an affordable solution to meet requirements and offer a comprehensive range of mechanical level measurement products.

Level Gauges: Features

Level Gauges: Industries

Level Gauges: Applications

Chemical Process Equipment:

KENCO Calibration Gauges are primarily used as a means of accurately setting and monitoring the flow rate of a chemical metering pump. Calibration Gauges serve as one of the most critical components of a chemical metering system. They ensure that chemicals are dispensed in exact quantities within an application. This reduces the amount of excess chemical utilised in a process, and saves production costs. Problems with a chemical metering pump can be identified with a calibration pot.

Chemical Process Equipment: Features

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Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Windows:

The KENCO Engineering Company offers a variety of Standard KSF (cast body), Full View and Armored Sight Flow Indicators, as well as, a complete line of Sight Windows.

Sight Flow Indicators provide a window into piping. These products offer a cost effective and efficient way to visually monitor the flow of fluids, and to determine if any problems areas exist along a process piping system. These devices allow operators to observe flow rate, direction, color and clarity of the fluid traveling through the process piping.

KSF Sight Flow Indicators feature a cast body design and is ideal for applications where there is higher temperature and pressure. They are available with a variety of internal mechanical indicator options that enhance visual indication of the fluid in the process.

FVSF Full View Sight Flow Indicators offer the maximum viewing area of all types of sight flow indicators and allow for a 360° view of the fluid being observed in a pipeline.

ASF Armored Sight Flow Indicators offer the best mix between visibility and protection. The additional sight tube shielding provides protection, while still maintaining maximum visibility.

Sight Windows are used to provide direct reading of process liquids. They can be mounted directly to a vessel wall, or to pipe, in a variety of configurations.

Industries Served:

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